Voice Lessons

All classes are ongoing. You may start at any time!
Price: $26.50 for 30 min (45 min & 60 min classes are also available)
Age: We offer one-on-one lessons from the age of seven.
We offer group singing classes for kids ages six to twelve.
Discounts/Offers: 15 min trial lesson; Family, Second Program & Full Term Discounts are available.

Program Description

We offer individual voice lessons as well a unique group choir program.

One-on-one Lessons

Many people enjoy humming their favourite melodies while being on their own but get intimidated when singing publicly. Taking one-on-one voice lessons with our seasoned vocalists will help students forget about stage fright and explore the natural potential of their own voice. Through the course of our lessons, students will get to sing the songs they love, work on their singing voice by performing technical exercises and vocalizes, and learn sight singing and rudiments of music theory.

Group Lessons

We also offer a unique group program tailored for kids ages 6 to 12. Through the course of their lessons, students will sing various popular tunes, improve their singing voice with various vocal exercises, have fun, and make new friends!

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