Drum Lessons

All classes are ongoing. You may start at any time!
Price from September 2023: Monthly: $33.00 per 30 min.
45 min & 60 min classes are also available.
Age: We offer drum lessons from the age of seven.
Older kids, as well as adults, are welcome to join at any time!
Discounts/Offers: 15 min trial lesson; Family, Second Program & Full Term Discounts are available.

Program Description

Taking drum lessons in our music school is the great way to get familiarized with modern music. It is an enjoyable activity that is fun and useful at the same time.
The first stage of drum classes focuses on drum notation, basic drumming patterns, rudiments of theory, and stick control. After learning fundamentals, students focus on furthering their technique, and are introduced to a variety of music genres which include Latin beats, jazz, blues, pop, and rock.

Why Us?