Accordion Lessons

All classes are ongoing. You may start at any time!
Price from September 2023: Monthly: $33.00 per 30 min.
45 min & 60 min classes are also available.
Age: We offer accordion lessons from the age of eight. Older kids, as well as adults, are welcome to join at any time.
Discounts/Offers: 15 min trial lesson; Family, Second Program & Full Term Discounts are available.

Program Description

Accordion is a popular instrument in Europe and Latin America. It’s a versatile instrument that sounds great on its own and doesn’t need an orchestra to support it. This makes accordion a popular choice when it comes to playing live music at parties for fun or professionally.
While taking accordion lessons, students will start by learning fundamentals such as using bellows, playing with their right hand and left hand, note reading and recognition, and then gradually move on to playing more advanced pieces. Accordion looks like a complicated instrument to pick up, but most students are actually able to play simple melodies after the very 1st lesson!