Saxophone and Clarinet lessons

All classes are ongoing. You may start at any time!
Price from September 2023: Monthly: $33.00 per 30 min.
45 min & 60 min classes are also available.
Age: We offer lessons from the age of eight. Older kids, as well as adults, are welcome to join at any time.
Discounts/Offers: 15 min trial lesson; Family, Second Program & Full Term Discounts are available.

Program Description

Students will start by learning proper posture, correct playing position, and coordination of eyes, fingers, and breath. Once the basics are learned, students will move on to mastering the full range of clarinet/saxophone register. Students will gradually work on improving their technical skills by playing melodies of different music styles. If you have a favourite music style you’d like to focus on, our music instructor will be happy to tailor your repertoire to your musical aspirations.

Why Us?